My Name is Hitter Yew  
A trainer cum writer in profession  
Reach me in skype :hilteryew  
Or Call me when you free : 016-8785339
Just email me your comment and I will grow  
[email protected]  
Sometimes, phone will ring but not pick up  
Just leave a SMS and I will call you back  
Because I can be on my Vulcan Super Bike  
Or travelling with Aeroplane  
Or might be at unreach rural area (No Line)  
Sometimes, I might also be engage  
In network training for my team members  
Will call you back after the training complete
You can also reach me at skype, Yahoo messenger, MSN at hilteryew  
Some other times, I am in my own studio  
Recording my voice into CD and VCD  
Developing coaching support for members  
There are also time  
I am in my bathroom or washroom  
Handling my personal affairs  
There are moment that....  
I am alone with my solitude and retreat
That I do not want to be disturbed  
But my promise to you  
I will call you back.  
There are times too many miss call  
I might miss your telephone number  
Pls SMS to remind me  
So that I can call you back  
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